What is an IR keyboard?

What Is an IR Keyboard?

There are two different devices that can be called infrared (IR) keyboards. One type of infrared keyboard is similar in design and function to a traditional keyboard, although Infrared Lite is used to transmit data to a computer rather than a hard-wired connection.

These keyboards can be used with desktop personal computers (PCs), laptops, and even personal digital assistants (PDAs). The second type of IR keyboard uses a visual laser to project a virtual keyboard onto a flat surface. An invisible infrared sensor beam then tracks motion at this level and converts it into subtitles.

Infrared radiation is a type of invisible light that can be pulsed or modulated for use in data transmission. It is usually cheaper than other wireless methods, but has its limitations and visibility.

An IR keyboard that uses this technology to communicate with a computer usually needs to be within about 30 feet (9 meters) of the receiver, although many devices are less powerful. It is sometimes possible to use a mirror or other extension device to bypass line of sight, although this is often not a problem when using an IR keyboard under normal circumstances.

Some computers are equipped with infrared sensor ports, although this is not a common option. To use a keyboard that supports an IR connection, you usually need some type of peripheral device.

These receivers often connect via Universal Serial Bus (USB), and some are specifically designed to pair with a specific IR keyboard or keyboard/mouse combination.

IR keyboards designed for use with PDAs, smartphones and other similar devices often break or can be folded up for easy transport. Instead of a simple IR transmitter, this type of keyboard usually has a pivoting or pivoting arm.

A stand or swivel bracket is designed to hold a PDA or smartphone so that the IR sensor on the device matches the IR transmitter on the keyboard. Some can also be configured to provide portrait or landscape orientation for PDAs or smartphones.

Another type of keyboard that uses infrared light is commonly called a projection keyboard. These devices use visible laser light to project an image of the keyboard onto a flat surface.

The space is also flooded with invisible infrared light, which is able to measure the movement of the typist’s fingers on the keys. This movement is translated into subtitles and sent to the computer as input on a regular keyboard.

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