Selena Gomez shows off her glamorous SAG Awards.

The surest way to stand out on the red carpet (minus a complete hairdo)? Take what is eternal and raise it up. Selena Gomez proved the power of this simple formula at last night’s SAG Awards with a smart baribond hairstyle and luxe notes worthy of a red carpet comeback.

The actress began her preparations for the event in a completely casual way, with a tumultuous transformation that was captured in a video shared by her glamor team on Instagram.

To match the effects of her black velvet Oscar de la Renta gown, makeup artist Hung Wango opted for a trusty peach and nude palette, with sweeping lashes and feathered brows to choose from. Bulgarian earrings and serpentine bran got a chance to shine in the right amount.

Stylist Marissa Marino’s sheath center not features a sweet satin bow, adding extra playfulness to the magical moment.

And take a break in the appeal? Emerald-green manicure by Tom Bachyk, the color of Gomez’s fabulous accessories. In addition to classic aesthetics, modern touches are the equation of a moment that cannot be missed.

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