“Los Angeles Rams” went to the audience and won.

Los Angeles Rams Won

At a time when many teams are sacrificing multiple seasons for a long-term process, the Rams are now focused.

Englewood, California. Nowadays, many games are about the future, not about the present. Baseball teams like the Baltimore Orioles tell their fans to wait half a decade for a chance to compete. NBA teams fight so hard for the draft lottery that you don’t have to lose – it’s “tanking”, it’s “action”.

Former Dolphins coach Brian Flores accused the NFL in his lawsuit last week of being offered bribes primarily to lose games to give the Dolphins more draft picks. It is a worthy thing, and it should end there. If your team is losing right now, it’s not because you’re doing anything wrong, it’s because it’s part of the plan.

The Los Angeles Rams did nothing of the sort. In this particular season, at this point, the Rams are uniquely motivated to win the Super Bowl. He traded away his young franchise quarterback, Jared Goff, whom he selected with the first pick in 2016 for Matthew Stafford, because he was bigger, more established and ready to win right away.

They brought in old but still effective stars like Odell Beckham Jr. and Van Miller. He traded drafts. Everything was set for this year as the Rams hosted the Super Bowl, the year they could live out the fairytale the league desperately wanted for them.

It probably shouldn’t have worked – for a few moments on Sunday night it certainly didn’t seem like it – and if it doesn’t, it could be devastating in the long run. The Rams have pledged most of their future in exchange for a better chance to win in 2022. His mentality was always clear: we’re all dead in the future, so let’s do it now.

You may be angry with the Rams; not necessarily the players, but their horrible bosses Stan Kroenke and his despicable plan to bail out St.Louis (a plan that cost the league $790 million) and the ugliness of it all. The NFL has moved to Los Angeles to perform tonight.

But there has to be some respect for the sheer stupidity of the team, in the end, laying all their cards on the table. Rhames acted like there was no tomorrow. You have to give them credit for actually pulling it off.

It was certainly a rocky road to a 23-20 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. The Rams were in control at first, but the momentum changed when O’Dell Beckham Jr. appeared to be on his knees in the second quarter. (He already had time to land and walk on the moon to celebrate.)

The momentum quickly changed, and the Bengals, whose fans had taken over the city all week, left thousands of Rams fans in their own stadium with another rousing performance from the area. , Their undefeated quarterback who came. Winning a Heisman Trophy, a college football championship and a Super Bowl is close to becoming the first quarterback in football history. (He would also win Super Bowl MVP.)

But ultimately, the Bengals’ signature weakness, their offensive line, failed against Aaron Donald and the Rams’ defensive front so horribly that it forced Tom Brady to retire. A fourth-quarter drive that could have given the Bengals an unassailable lead gave Stafford a cautious victory on the field.

The plan was simple: hand the ball to Super Bowl VP Cooper Kupp, who was beaten so badly at the end of the drive, especially on a huge hit that punished him for unnecessary roughness, that he might have been taken out of the game in the regular season. according to the protocol of close combat. Instead, he stayed inside and grabbed the game-winning pass.

The best drive play might have been Stafford, who in the most tense moment completed a no-look pass to the coupe, which is as great as you’ll see.

The district had one more chance, but it was anticlimactic. After a bizarre play-call on third down at the 1 in midfield in which the Bengals passed the ball, and they were nowhere to be found, Brough was sacked by Aaron Donald of the World Monster, the Rams’ second opponent. Bould and their first match. Los Angeles.

The Rams will also be good next year: they still have Donald, Stafford, Cope and their stars. But they’re going to get in the way of some big deals, and they’re going to lose some of those elections down the road.

Of course, without blood, one of the experienced guys running teams like the Orioles, Browns or Trail Blazers would say he gave up too much below the line, that he took too many risks, that he hurt himself. 2026. , Or something similar.

But those guys would be wrong, and the Rams have a Super Bowl title in their big, $6 billion stadium in front of 70,000 home fans (half of whom, oh, might be Bengals fans), and they’re rooting. The good thing about it is that sometimes you get it.

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