Gucci? Adidas? Meet Guccididas

Meet Guccididas

Before the models took to the runway for Gucci’s Fall 2022 presentation in Milan today, a cellphone video of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky celebrating their Fashion Week began making the rounds. Like a father, he gave Edward a double cheek kiss. In the first row, Ann Phil and Anna Ventur. With the world’s most fashionable couple in attendance (see: Rea covering her midriff in a black latex top, Rocky clutching a monogrammed Gucci suitcase), it was a sure sign that things were going well. Really moving forward.

However, guests gathered at Gucci’s idiosyncratic house to celebrate another pairing: the Italian luxury brand’s partnership with German sportswear giant Adidas, continuing Balenciaga’s tradition of hacking the house in 2021. Looks like Gucci wants to convert various Euro, Dollar and Yen denominations into checks. (Please clap!)

For the new collection, Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele returns to the ‘hacker lab’ to create a strong fusion of last season’s polished Hollywood ’70s with Adidas’ quirky sportswear heritage. Result? Lots of sporty textiles and latex, crisp Creole suits with the Trifoil logo on the front and adidas three stripes, caps, dresses and trench coats. There was even a Health Goth riff – remember Health Goth? – In the final of the traditional wedding dress.

Both Gucci and Adidas are part of a hyperculture of fashion blockbusters born out of streetwear and sportswear traditions.

And if last year’s Gucciaga was a mutual hack, this year’s Guccididas was more like a friendly fight – Nerds vs. Jacques. Interestingly, Adidas has also recently renewed its partnership with another Italian luxury brand, Prada, but making sure Capitol-F has a fashion and sportswear partnership.

(If you’re interested in the business side, both Gucci and Balenciaga fall under the Caring Luxury Party umbrella, while Prada is owned by the Prada Group.) Looks like a win.

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