Meet James Maneka, Google’s first head of technology and society.

James Manyika Google’s first head of tech and society

The McKinsey veteran and former Obama adviser has joined Google as the company’s first head of technology and society as it seeks to examine how technology affects societies. ۔

Google has tapped James Maneka, former head of the McKinsey Global Institute and former Obama adviser, to become the tech and social giant’s first senior vice president as he shares his thoughts on how technology is impacting society. Wants to create and share.

James joins Google from McKinsey in Silicon Valley, where he spent two decades, and will be part of Google’s leadership team in this brand-new role.

Google’s Head of Technology and Society – What does that mean?

The role of head of technology and society is a first for Google and not typically found at large tech companies. Such a role would typically be more humane, such as Microsoft’s Global Head of Technology for Social Impact or Twitter’s Head of Social Impact and Public Policy.

However, the role, which is part of an executive leadership team reporting directly to Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pachai, focuses on a broader view of how today’s technology impacts society, the economy and the planet. Affects

In this leadership role, James is tasked with shaping and communicating Google’s ideas about the impact of technology on society. In particular, it will help shape Google’s views on issues such as the future of work, artificial intelligence, the digital economy, computing infrastructure and sustainability, focusing on how these relate to society, its economy and the world at large. But how do they affect the planet?

The role was introduced amid ongoing criticism and concern about the impact of technology on societies around the world, and especially as Google protests against strict rules and treatment of workers, as well as numerous inconsistencies. There are trust cases.

Why James Manika is the best fit for this role at Google.

And if ever there was a person concerned about the impact of technology on business and society, it’s Rhodes Scholar James Maneka.

As Pachai said in a statement, James “has spent decades working at the intersection of technology and society, advising a range of businesses, academic institutions and governments along the way.”

With a PhD, MA and M.Sc. from Oxford in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Mathematics and Computer Science, the Zimbabwean has spent decades working with McKinsey, the leaders of many of the world’s leading technology companies, on strategy and development, product and business. Innovations Spent giving advice about. Currently, holds the position of senior partner.

It is James’ leadership at the McKinsey Global Institute, whose role is to understand the global economy through the economic implications of technology, productivity, labor markets, that sets her apart from her new position. For more than 12 years, James has led research on the impact of AI and other technologies on business and the economy, the future of work, productivity and competitiveness, and other global and societal trends.

And the certificates continue to rotate. James is the author of several books, including One on AI and Robotics, and most recently on Global Economic Trends (No Common Denominator), and was appointed by President Obama as Deputy Chair of the White House Global Development Council. ۔ And also through the two US Secretaries of Commerce – the Digital Economy Council and the National Innovation Council.

He also serves on the research boards of Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Stanford, and other leading schools, and is a member of the steering committee for the 100-Year Study of AI and an emeritus fellow of the Stanford AI Institute. He was also appointed visiting professor at the Bluetonk School of Public Administration in Oxford.

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