The beauty of a glass tabletop to order

Beauty of a Custom Cut Glass Table Top

While some furniture is just a trend that comes and goes, glass countertops are always in style, offering a sophisticated elegance to a room. But do you know what goes into making a custom glass countertop? A custom glass company like NJ’s Shower Man is staffed with glass craftsmen experienced in glass cutting, beveling, shearing, polishing and tempering glass. So when you’re looking to add that timeless piece to your collection, they can tell you everything you need to know. Here are some fun facts and tips to get you started.

Cutting glass to order is an art

The glass business is an art and a craft. A custom glass company can produce a variety of glass products, but few can successfully deliver custom glass cutting expertly designed and manufactured to your exact needs. Bringing ideas to life in a glass requires experience, dedication and excellent service. Machines and equipment are involved in cutting glass to order, but to create true beauty, it is also made by hand. This automated equipment is nothing compared to the care and passion of a craftsman polishing and grounding his work of art by hand.

The tabletop made of glass to order is functional and beautiful

Glass countertops not only enhance your desk, but also protect your desks from spills, scratches, dents and damage, homework, games and messes. Glass to protect the tabletop is the best way to protect the table and at the same time enjoy the beauty of the furniture.

It is possible to use glass countertops

  • Make your room spacious and uncluttered
  • Glass to protect the tabletop from scratches, cuts and other damage
  • Create a shape to fill the unusual space of the room
  • Used in offices and conference rooms for a professional, sophisticated look
  • A way to add shine to anything dull
  • Refresh old pieces instead of paint or stains
  • Add the perfect touch to a nightstand or table
  • Update a variety of old tables that are vulnerable to damage or weathering.
  • A glass tabletop will preserve what is there, instead of buying something new.

Why should you choose a custom glass company?

A custom glass company makes your table template, cutting the glass with precision and accuracy. Special paper is used for patterns and the table is rubbed. (Think of it like rubbing foil on a coin until you see the shape and image.)

Then they take the glass and put it on the pattern. Since the glass is transparent, special glass cutters can precisely match the shape of the table.

Finally, with the help of polishing equipment and their own hands, they can grind and polish the glass so that all edges are smooth. Also, a professional company will go that extra step and bevel your glass, while many will just make the glass square. It’s hard to match such care and quality.

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