What Does Temperature Have to Do With Weather and Climate?

Temperature is one of the most overlooked factors in the formation of weather and climate. But it’s not just about how much heat a location radiates. It’s also about how barrier effects interact with other forcing mechanisms to create distinct climates. The image above represent climates that vary dramatically due to different temperature regimes. The … Read more

Meet the inventor of Qualcomm Smart Transmit.


Meet the inventor of Qualcomm Smart Transmit, a breakthrough technology that improves uplink speed and coverage for 5G Today’s smartphones include a variety of radios that transmit using a variety of technologies – from 2G to 5G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – and antennas that cover multiple frequency bands. Improving the use of these radios requires … Read more

The beauty of a glass tabletop to order

Beauty of a Custom Cut Glass Table Top

While some furniture is just a trend that comes and goes, glass countertops are always in style, offering a sophisticated elegance to a room. But do you know what goes into making a custom glass countertop? A custom glass company like NJ’s Shower Man is staffed with glass craftsmen experienced in glass cutting, beveling, shearing, … Read more

Replacing glass shower doors is very easy

Updating or remodeling your bathroom with custom shower doors is not only a great way to make your bathroom look better, but it’s actually really easy! Replacing your bathroom shower glass can increase the value of your home and make your bathroom more enjoyable to use. While prices can vary depending on the layout of … Read more

How safe are glass shower doors?

A flawless, new shower door gives your bathroom a fresh look, but it’s common to wonder about the safety of installing glass in one of the sweetest areas of your home. You may also be concerned about the safety of these types of doors if you have ever seen other types of glass break, such … Read more

Actress Hedy Lamarr was most famous in Hollywood


Actress Hedy Lamarr was best known for her work in Hollywood during its Golden Age, appearing in films such as The Ziegfeld Girl and Samson and Delilah. But Lamarr also worked with Hollywood composer George Antheil to invent a frequency hopping technique that is now considered an important development in wireless communications. Born in Austria, … Read more

Researchers from Arizona have developed a method of diagnosing lung diseases based on artificial intelligence


University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson researchers have developed a new way of early diagnosis of lung diseases. This procedure involves the analysis of metabolites, small molecules that are produced as a result of cellular metabolic reactions. When normal cells turn into diseased cells, their metabolic processes change, as do their metabolites. Many … Read more