What Does Temperature Have to Do With Weather and Climate?

Temperature is one of the most overlooked factors in the formation of weather and climate. But it’s not just about how much heat a location radiates. It’s also about how barrier effects interact with other forcing mechanisms to create distinct climates. The image above represent climates that vary dramatically due to different temperature regimes. The … Read more

Famous moments in the history of black fashion, reports The Combino


Kim Russell, popularly known as The Combino, is quickly becoming the internet’s favorite digital fashion archive. The 26-year-old federation is a never-ending selection of popular moments from recent fashion history, perfectly paired with her own intriguing analysis. For a photo of Sarah Jessica Parker in an episode of Sex and the City, she captioned it: … Read more

Who is Neera Tandon? Budget Chairman Joe Biden

Who is Neera Teeth? Joe Biden's Budget Chief

Neera Tandon, an Indian-American who is likely to be named Biden’s Director of Management and Budget, will be responsible for managing the administration’s budget. Many American media are in favor of Neera taking the top job. Neera Tandon, an Indian-American who is likely to be named Biden’s Director of Management and Budget, will be responsible … Read more

Meet the inventor of Qualcomm Smart Transmit.


Meet the inventor of Qualcomm Smart Transmit, a breakthrough technology that improves uplink speed and coverage for 5G Today’s smartphones include a variety of radios that transmit using a variety of technologies – from 2G to 5G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – and antennas that cover multiple frequency bands. Improving the use of these radios requires … Read more

The beauty of a glass tabletop to order

Beauty of a Custom Cut Glass Table Top

While some furniture is just a trend that comes and goes, glass countertops are always in style, offering a sophisticated elegance to a room. But do you know what goes into making a custom glass countertop? A custom glass company like NJ’s Shower Man is staffed with glass craftsmen experienced in glass cutting, beveling, shearing, … Read more

Replacing glass shower doors is very easy

Updating or remodeling your bathroom with custom shower doors is not only a great way to make your bathroom look better, but it’s actually really easy! Replacing your bathroom shower glass can increase the value of your home and make your bathroom more enjoyable to use. While prices can vary depending on the layout of … Read more

Alternative license to start a solar energy system

Alternative Solar Energy System

The Gen3-licensed high-performance PV system produces more heat and power than existing solar panels. In recent years, researchers at the University of Arizona and the James S. Wint College of Optical Sciences have been developing and improving a highly efficient photovoltaic system that produces more heat and energy from sunlight than current solar panel models. … Read more

Businesses in Marrickville are on high alert due to flooding.

Marrickville on alert for flash flooding

Businesses in Marrickville, which was worst hit by flooding a week ago, are bracing for another deluge as emergency services warn hundreds of millimeters of rain could hit the suburb within hours. Staff knocked on the doors of shops, eateries and businesses in flood hotspots, including the Carrington Road industrial area, to get word that … Read more